Vegetarian Gardens, Inc.: For a healthier lifestyle
About Us
Vegetarian Gardens Inc. was established in 1995 in Georgetown, Guyana, South America. Today, it is Guyana’s largest importer and distributor of vegetarian and health food products. Our products include all types of dried, frozen and canned soy products, natural beverages, oils and condiments. These products are available in all leading supermarkets, groceries, open markets, mom & pop shops and mini-marts. The family’s value for healthy eating has become the core value of the company. Vegetarian Gardens Inc. is steadily growing; we currently have more than 20 employees. In 2010, the company gave the distribution rights of its private label of dry soya meats to Marketing & Distribution Inc. (Guyana), a member of the Neal & Massey Group. Vegetarian Gardens Inc. will also launch Guyana’s first health food supermarket, full scale vegetarian restaurant and distribution outlet in 2010.