Vegetarian Gardens, Inc.: For a healthier lifestyle
A can of dry soya meat from the USA made its way into the kitchen of the Hickerson family in 1995 and the idea to sell dry soya meat in Guyana was born. At that time, there was not any company selling the product in Guyana. The members of the Hickerson family are vegans and vegetarians thus the idea to sell the product was very practical. In 1995, the founder started out selling the product in unlabelled, transparent plastics bags to friends, primarily Rastafarian, and small shops. The very first shipment of soya meat had an approximate weight of 100 lbs. The founder used his motorcycle to transport and sell the product around the capital city. In 2002, the company started packing soya meat under its private label and selling to a wider target group. Now in 2010, the company distributes Kellogg’s (Loma Linda), Ginseng Up USA, Morinaga Nutritional Foods, Bragg Live Food, Vitasoy and other health food products from USA and China.